Monday, October 13, 2014

Zorn Palette

     I will start talking to my class this week about color and decided to put together some color charts using the Zorn Palette to show them how to mix colors and paint with a limited palette. In the Zorn palette all colors are made from cadmium red medium, yellow ochre, ivory black, and white.  I have never used these particular colors together exclusively and was curious about trying it myself and painting a sample to see what it's like and to show them some possibilities. I painted this mango, the problem is that I grew frustrated with the greens so I gave in to temptation and got out some yellow (Scheveningen yellow medium to be exact).  It's an interesting yellow because it's a bit transparent so you can add it to darker colors without making them as light as you would with cadmium yellow. 
...Anyway  I will try again tomorrow to be good and stick with the limited palette.  The ivory black mixed with white sure does look blue in this photo!


  1. I love your color chart! It's amazing to see the full array of colors that can be made from the limited palette. And your mango is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Debbie! It was interesting to make the color chart. I tend to rely on the same color combinations but making the chart gave me some new ideas.