Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Bosc Pears

The shape of the pear on the right reminded me of a large curved drop of water, and I was interested in how the color of it contrasts with the pear on the left which is more fully ripe.  I might do some more paintings later on which explore the color variations of pears at different stages .

One more ink drawing

So here is another ink drawing that I've been working on.  It's the same tree in the post from a few days ago and It's from a photo I took in Central Park several years ago.  In this drawing I was interested in how the drawing would look if I made it much darker and with lower contrast than I usually do. With this ink wash technique the dark colors have a velvety, matte finish which I like.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Some new ink drawings

 Central Park Tree 30 x 22 ink on paper 2013

 Storm  12 x 8 inches ink on paper 2013

Tree Harness 2013  14 x 10 inches