Monday, September 22, 2014

Back in the Studio

     I'm officially back to work in my studio now after a two week driving trip to Texas and back, 4 weeks of children's art camp, a one week family reunion, two kids birthday parties, one girl scout camping trip, and painting the barn.  It's been so long that I think I may have forgotten how to paint!  I've decided to start with something I'm familiar with to get back into things. 
     When I'm setting up a still life I often have several things around that I rotate in and out until I find a combination that I like.  The scene often looks something like this and it reminds me of a theater stage with the extras on the sidelines watching and hoping for their turn, but also in a drama of their own.  
     So I'm putting together something with these things and I hope to have a painting to post soon.

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