Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 Apricots and 2 Peaches

     This is my most recent effort.  It's 10 x 20 inches and is painted in oil.  I've been spending a lot of time recently on projects around the house and have had to sacrifice a lot of painting time, so it was a real joy to have 3 days in the studio this past week.  And as much as I like to paint pears, it was a great pleasure to have some seasonal fruits available to paint!   I started this one with a limited palette but broke out the cadmiums about half way through. 


  1. Trish, this is beautiful! I love the colors, and all the interesting differences in each piece of fruit. I know how you feel not having alot of time to paint, I've been trying to catch up on alot of yard work and gardening lately, and I miss my painting time... but you've done this nice big painting in only 3 days! You must be so happy with it :-) You inspire me!

  2. Thanks so much Debbie! I'm glad you like it! I am happy that it came together quickly. If I don't finish a painting before the fruit goes bad it can become very difficult to finish, and I have several paintings in my studio like that now. It's disheartening for me to spend a few weeks on a painting and not have anything finished to show for it!
    I love my garden and can get very distracted by it but I just realized that summer vacation starts in just a few weeks so I want to try to get a few paintings done before then.